Writing a Master’s thesis on pandemics, during a pandemic

Carla Louise Hughes and Lara Maria Dora Steinmetz are finishing up their first year studying a Master’s in International Social Welfare and Health Policy. They are now affiliated with The Center for Research on Pandemics & Society (PANSOC).

In this episode they talk about their master’s projects, PANSOC and what it is like to be an international master’s student during a pandemic.

Read more:

Meet our Masters Student: Lara Maria Dora Steinmetz – https://uni.oslomet.no/pansoc/2021/04/03/meet-our-masters-student-lara-maria-dora-steinmetz/

Meet our new Masters Student: Carla Louise Hughes – https://uni.oslomet.no/pansoc/2021/02/21/meet-our-new-masters-student-carla-louise-hughes/

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