Urban aging in Oslo

Since 2016, for the first time in human history, the world’s older persons population (65+) is larger then the childrens population (0-5). This important demographic trend is accompanied by another unprecedented fact: Since 2007 more people are living in cities then in rural areas. How does this affect us?

Gustavo Toshiaki Lopes Sugahara

Gustavo Toshiaki Lopes Sugahara

In this podcast episode, we have a talk with PhD Candidate Gustavo Sugahara about population aging and It’s implications to a city like Oslo. Gustavo´s main research interest is the relations between population aging and economics.

Read more:

Gustavos blogg about Age-Friendly Cities –  https://blogg.hioa.no/agesmart/

A Critical Approach to the Demographics of Ageing: The Case of Oslo. http://revistas.rcaap.pt/cct/article/view/12072/pdf

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