The future of auto recognition

Auto recognition software is typically only used in medical settings like tests that can determine if you have a particular condition. But the future of auto recognition is much more diverse and very interesting. Pietro Murano and George Anthony Giannoumis from HiOA are looking into this technology and how it can be used in the future for people with cognitive disabilities. In this podcast episode they explain auto recognition, the future and how they work as researcher with this interesting topic.

Viten+SnakkisPietro and Anthony like to use a travel example when explaining auto recognition: “When I fly to the US, I typically lose a lot of sleep, so my brain is tired and I have a hard time focusing, understanding, and remembering things. We are at the beginning stages of making technology that can recognize that I haven’t slept and will automatically make the user interface simpler and easier to understand. So for example, I get off of my flight in NY and I have a connecting flight to LA. I want to check the boarding gate on my phone, it would automatically detect that I was tired from the flight and give me the information that I need in a simpler and more understandable format. Dig it?”



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