Midterm election talks – what now?

We have invited Professor Erika Gubrium, President Curt Rice and guest researcher Howard Karger to talk about the US midterm elections.

The glass ceiling didn´t break in 2016, but this year we see more women voted into the House. How important is this?

And what about all the people who have been shamed? It takes time to mobilize people who have been shamed, Erika points out looking ahead to the 2020-election and how the Democrats can win.

Looking ahead our guests think Trump has a pretty good chance in 2020. What do you think?

Smaksprøve på Student Life Podcast

Curt visiting Student Life

Curt visiting Student Life

Denne uka rakk vi ikkje å spele inn ein ny episode til Viten og snakkis.

Som eit plaster på såret gir vi deg derfor siste episode frå podkasten Student Life -Listen and learn to be a better student. Kyrre Begnum og George Anthony Giannoumis har til no produsert 20 episodar med nyttig stoff for studentar. I denne episoden snakkar dei med rektor Curt Rice om livet som student.

God lytt! Vi er attende med ein fersk Viten og snakkis-episode neste veke.